3 Landscapes That May Be Scaring Away Potential Homebuyers

When you're selling your home, there are many details to think about. Your yard may not be at the forefront of your mind, but it's extremely important. Your landscaping is the first and the last thing people see when they visit your home. So why not leave them with something really great to remember. Here are three landscapes that could be scaring away potential buyers.

Unkempt Landscapes

The landscape surrounding your home will always be the first impression your potential buyers will see. You want a landscape that will be enchanting, and thus draw them in to see the rest of the house. If the grass hasn't been cut, the shrubs aren't trimmed, and the leaves haven't been raked, your landscape will not be inviting. Also, if your landscape is unkempt, your home will immediately look like a "fixer-upper". Some people are looking for that, but the majority aren't looking for a home that will need a lot of work.

High Maintenance Landscapes

As crazy as it sounds, if your landscape has been detailed, and landscaped extravagantly that can be a turn off. There's nothing prettier than a beautiful landscape, but many home buyers aren't looking for a place that will require hours of upkeep. Beautiful flower beds, and easily manicured lawns are enough to create a beautiful curb appeal without looking high maintenance. Additionally, if someone is new to the area, and they want a professional landscaper at the Lake of the Ozarks who can keep it looking beautiful, send them to our website, we'd love to assist!

Wooded Landscapes

This can go both ways. Sometimes buyers like to see lots of trees in the yard, as it provides some level of coverage. On the flip side, you won't want trees within 20 feet of the home to account for growth, and the safety of your roof. The landscape should enhance your home, and you won't want large plants concealing your home. Though, a general rule is that trees ARE good for the value of your home, especially when planted between the sidewalk and street. If you have any doubts about what trees to put in your yard, hire the best landscapers at the Lake of the Ozarks - we can help.

Take Your Landscape to the Next Level

If the idea of trying to improve your home through the landscape intimidates you, let us help! We have over five years of experience creating the best landscape designs at the Lake of the Ozarks. We work closely with YOU to make your yard a place that you can use, relax, and enjoy. From the beginning to the end we are here to make sure your yard is a paradise. Give us a call and let us join you on the journey to a better yard!

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