Cultivating an Allergen Free Landscape

Allergy season is in full swing, and if you're one of the 55% of the US population that suffers from some form of seasonal allergy you may want to look to your landscaping to help fix the problem. Allergies are caused by plants pollinating, and thus releasing that pollen into the air where you can breathe it in, causing sneezing, itchy eyes, and other symptoms. While we don't recommend removing all blooming or green growing things from your landscape, there are a few plants and practices you can use to limit your allergies and enjoy your Lake of the Ozarks landscape.

Plant Strategically

If your pollen producing plants are right outside your door and all of your windows, it would make sense that you are constantly breathing them in. When re-designing your landscape, we can incorporate plants that have a lower pollen count surrounding the immediate proximity to your home. If you still want to enjoy high-pollen plants, we can plant them towards the back of your landscape so you can enjoy them, without having to constantly come in contact with them.

Watch the Bees

If you want to know which plants aren't spreading all of the pollen, look for the pieces that the bees frequent. If the bees are pollinating those flowers, then most likely they will not be spreading their pollen through the air, meaning you have less of a chance of getting allergies from them! Long tubular flowers are good for your landscape if you are afflicted with allergies every year.

Be Wary of Grasses

Ornamental grasses may be beautiful, but they are one of the most likely culprits of your allergies. Because these plants pollinate via the wind carrying their pollen where it needs to go, you may find that these are part of what sparks your allergies every year. You can still have these in your landscape but keep them away from your house, vehicle, or other areas that you frequent.

Diversify The Plantings

If you are wanting to create a landscape that doesn't tickle your sense nearly as much, speak with our landscape designer! He has a wonderful knowledge of plants and what they will do when allergy season pops up. You can also have more bulbs planted in your yard. These tend to be showy flowers that don't produce high amounts of pollen, and they also tend to bloom during times when everything else isn't pollenating, making it easier for you to enjoy them.

Best Landscape Designers at the Lake of the Ozarks

This season doesn't have to be miserable for you, we can help you find just the right plants that will make your landscape look beautiful, but also keep you out there enjoying it more. We want to help create a backyard paradise that you can enjoy all year long through every season from spring to winter. Give us a call today at 573-964-6515 to get your landscape quote and start enjoying your landscape at the Lake of the Ozarks again!

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