Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer 2016

While it may not be warm enough to start swimming, it is warm enough to start thinking about it, and get your pool inspected! Every pool has to come out of winterization, and if you start early, you can catch any broken pieces and get them fixed before swimming season. At Paradise Landscaping, Irrigation and Pool Maintenance, we not only take care of your Lake of the Ozarks landscape but also your swimming pools at the Lake of the Ozarks. We can help you bring it out of winterization, and then help you keep it running all summer long! Here are a few ways we can help you prepare for the summer.

Checking Chemicals

Before you get started on your swimming season, you'll want to take inventory of the chemicals you have on hand. Anything expired, or not completely sealed will need to be properly disposed of and replaced. Now you can see what you still need in order to have everything in stock. This will save you from having to run to the store multiple times for multiple different chemicals. At Paradise Landscaping, we can take care of your Lake of the Ozarks pool maintenance by keeping your chemical levels just where they need to be without you having to worry about what you have in stock.

Inspecting the Pool Cover

First, you'll want to clean off the deck so you'll have a clean place to fold the cover without fear of punctures. It will also help keep excess debris from blowing in. Next, you'll want to use a pool net to remove the leaves that are sitting in the top of the cover. If there is a lot of water on your cover, you can use a small cover pump to remove that water. Just be sure that you don't place the pump of the seams of the cover, it can drain the water from inside the pool. If you called Paradise Landscaping to winterize your pool, it's time to give us a call and schedule your pool de-winterization. We can come remove your pool cover for you, and even store it through the winter season so that it won't become damaged!

Inspect the Pool and Connections

Your pool has sat vacant for several months now, and you'll want to make sure that nothing happened while you were away. If you have a vinyl-lined pool, you'll want to tears and washouts. This can happen when the sand underneath has eroded away, leaving your pool potentially sitting on hard rocks. Holes can be repaired with a repair kit. If you have a tile or concrete pool, it will be important to inspect for any cracks, chips in the plaster and depressions in the pool decking. If you notice these, it's best to call the professionals and let the best pool repair company at the Lake of the Ozarks fix it.

You'll also want to reconnect the filter, pump, and heater if you disconnected them. Inspect these connections to make sure there is not wear or rust. You can take the top off your filter and make sure that the appropriate levels of filter media are there, and then you can fill the pump with water to prime it.

Filling the Pool

Now it's time to fill the pool! Grab your garden hose and start the process. While it's filling, you can remove lime from the tiles, and remove leaves and debris that make have gotten in through the opening process. You can also reattach the equipment such as the ladder, diving board, and other rails if you removed them for the winter.

Starting Up the Filtration System

After you've checked all of the different operations of the pool, and it's filled up, you can start the filtration system and let it run for until the water begins to be clear. This could take a few days to complete. It may be necessary to backwash the filters, depending on how dirty the pool was to start. You can test the water chemistry to make sure that all of the levels are accurate and safe, then it's time for the best part - jumping in!

Pool Maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks

Paradise Landscaping, Irrigation & Pool Maintenance is proud to provide you with the best pool service at the Lake of the Ozarks. We take your pool very seriously, and we want to help you enjoy the summer to its fullest in your pool. If the idea of de-winterizing your pool seems daunting, you can count on us to get the job done. If you know that something on the pool is broken and you don't know how to fix it, we can come take a look and help you out. Make your appointments today!

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