3 Benefits of Having Trees In Your Yard

The mighty oak, or really any other tree can be a majestic sight, and in your yard, they aren't just for looks. A tree can be a very functional option for your yard and even for your neighborhood. At Paradise Landscaping, we want to help you bring out the beauty in your yard with the best landscaping design at the Lake of the Ozarks, yet also, increase the benefits that it can offer you. Here are a few reasons that having trees in your yard can be helpful and beautiful!


Did you know that trees are like the lungs of our world? They breathe in the carbon dioxide, and the breathe out oxygen, providing fresh, clean air for us to breathe. They also provide a place for birds insects and other wildlife to live and play. Here are a few other things trees do for us:
  • Trees help reduce ozone levels so much so that many urban areas incorporate trees to drop the ozone levels by as much as 4 parts per billion.
  • They can also help reduce the urban runoff and erosion by storing water, and making the runoff less damaging to the dirt underneath it.
  • Did you know that trees can absorb sound and reduce noise pollution? If you live near busy roads, in some cases some well-planted trees can really help limit that noise!


There are health benefits to having trees, and just being around them can make you feel good. There are also social benefits linked to having trees because the entire neighborhood can experience better physical and mental health just from trees. There are also studies that have proved that children with learning disorders like ADHD can see improvement just from being in the presence of trees.


Trees can help keep your utility bill lower because they can keep your home cooler in the summer. The Arbor Day Foundation states that the overall effect of the shade created by planting a healthy tree is equivalent to 10 room-size air conditioners running 20 hours a day! In the winter trees can act as a windbreak, which can help save on heating costs. In fact, some claim that heating costs can reach as much as 25 percent.

Improve Your Yard With Trees

As you can see, trees offer many benefits to your yard, and these are just a few. Of course, trees can take several years to mature, so if you want to reap the benefits, you'll need to start planting now. At Paradise Landscaping, we can help you achieve all of your Lake of the Ozark landscaping dreams, from trees to beautiful flowers, stone walls and water features. If you would like a free quote, be sure to visit our website www.DesignYourParadise.com and fill out the need information!

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