Pathways to Paradise

At Paradise Landscaping, we love to take your landscaping from an underused space to a paradise that you can enjoy all year round. This can be made possible through special landscape designs, stonework, adding water features, planting gardens, and especially by creating pathways.

A pathway can guide you to paradise through the way it winds through your gardens and landscaping. They can be made up of many differents types of materials, and even be as simple as plants lining an area. Here are some great things to remember when you start improving your landscape with pathways to paradise.

Why Place a Path?

There can be many reasons to put a path in your landscape, but one of the top reasons is because it keeps people walking where you want them. Without a path, you're essentially allowing someone to choose their own way, and with that, they can walk all over your yard, trample your grass, and even accidentally step on plants in your yard. By installing pathways, you direct them to where they need to go in a safe and practical manner.

Types of Paths

Entrance Path 

This pathway should leave you with no doubt as to where to go. This pathway will guide you straight up to the front door, and provide a safe way to greet your guests. Pathways don't just create a pretty focal point - they provide a purpose for where someone will go.

Main Path

This is generally two to three feet wide and guides someone to an entertainment area. Whether it's a pathway out the back doors to your fire pit or a pathway off the side of your home to a patio with lawn furniture and a space to grill, the main path takes you where you want to go.

Functional Path

This pathway will need to be created with something solid and practical. Maybe it will be used to wheel pool chemicals to the pool house or guide you to your garage. You can use solid concrete to create a nice, functional path that gets you where you need to go, safely.

Occasional Path

This is the pathway that can guide you around the home or through your herb garden. It can be whimsical, imaginative, and creative. While you want it to be sturdy, you can use fun pieces like stepping stones, moss, and other fanciful materials.

Activity Zone

While this may not seem like a path, any area that needs to be designated as something other than grass can be considered a path. If you have an entertainment area in your yard that you want to pave with brick or solid stones, this would be your pathway to activity.

Guiding Your Garden Where It Needs to Go

Our team of landscapers at the Lake of the Ozarks would be honored to help you create a landscape that has everything you need. From small projects to large, we are your one-stop landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks who can take care of it all. You can visit our website to learn more about custom landscapes at the Lake of the Ozarks that we've created as well as request a FREE quote!

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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