Shrubs & Bushes for All Year Beauty

When you have your landscape designed at the Lake of the Ozarks by us, you get qualified landscapers who can provide you excellent results. One of the best reasons to work with us is because we can take what you want in your paradise and make it a reality. Let's say you want to see beauty all year long - there are specific plants that can be added to your landscape to accomplish this.

Here are a few shrubs we can add to your landscape to provide all year long beauty, and even when they aren't blooming - they can offer a striking contrast in your garden areas.


If you would like a shrub in your landscape that can come in almost any color - this is the one! Not to mention you can get various size blooms as well. They like a lot of moisture, partial sun, and need a specific type of soil to grow. If you would like to see this in your paradise, we can find the perfect spot for it.

Bridal Wreath Spiraea
Along with spring comes spring weddings! So why not make your landscape feel like a wedding every day with beautiful flowering bushes. The Bridal wreath spiraea has tiny bunches of white flowers and they bloom before it leafs out - what a perfect way to welcome spring. It will be happiest in a sunny area and draining soil.

This shrub is a two-for-one because in the fall the glossy foliage darkens into maroon-red and in the spring it blooms with fresh white flowers. You will also find pink and blue clusters of berries during fall as it prepares to bloom in late spring. With partial sun requirements and moist soil, there are many places around you landscape that this plant will find perfect.


While the name may cause you to think that this bush blossoms in bright orange flowers - it actually boasts of fragrant and pure white flowers. You will be able to enjoy these for quite some time, as they last for weeks. The blooms will start to appear in late spring and early summer, and we will place it in an area of full sun.

Butterfly Bush
With a variety of colors available, like purple, white, blue, yellow, and pink - the beauty is unlimited. The blooms start to appear from the middle of the summer until the first frost, and because it's a summer plant it handles drought and heat well.


Petit Bleu, Sunshine Blue, Miss Sunshine
The blue and purple flowers on this plant start blooming in late summer and go until fall. They like a sunny location and will create a beautiful view in your paradise.

Kaleidoscope Abelia
When a background plant is needed, this is a great option. The evergreen variegated foliage is a perfect fall plant because the green leaves have splashes of gold and orange. Combine that with the white flowers, and you have a beautiful plant that brings joy for quite a while.

Harlequin Glorybower
White and purple-pink flower clusters and delicately nestled above the heart-shaped leaves. They bloom their best during the late summer and into the autumn season, and the leaves boast in a cream, sage green or deep green color.


Daphne Odora
The perfect plant for winter is an evergreen shrub. The Daphne Odora has beautiful clusters of fragrant pink flowers that bloom any time during midwinter to early spring. The flowers are surrounded by shiny dark green foliage that is tinged with golden edges. After the flowers fade, there are scarlet berries to replace them.

The red buds that appear in winter make this a wonderfully festive shrub. It may even be the most colorful shrub in your garden once winter hits. The cones of flowers start to open in early spring so you can enjoy this shrub through the seasons.

Perfecting Your Landscape

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