3 Advantages to Landscape Maintenance

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Do you think of kicking back by the pool, drinking a cold beverage, and admiring your beautiful landscape? Or do you think of hot sweaty days, spending hours on the lawn mower, covered in grass cuttings, and dehydration? If the latter is your idea of summer - Paradise Landscaping would like you to think again! Treat yourself this year to a landscape that "takes care of itself" by hiring our team of guys to provide the best lawn care maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks! Here are three advantages to hiring a lawn maintenance team and why you'll never want to go a summer without it.

Save YOU Money!

If you've ever looked at the price of lawn equipment, you probably know it costs an arm and a leg to get all of the tools you'll need. From a mower and edger to mulch and fertilizer - caring for your own lawn can be costly. Not to mention, you'll have tools that need to be winterized through the cold season, and you'll just be wasting space for 3-4 months out of the year. At Paradise Landscaping, we have everything needed to make your landscape look incredible. We can also fertilize your lawn when the appropriate time comes about, keep the hedges trimmed and beautiful, and even rake up the leaves when fall arrives.

Save YOU Hassle!

It can take a lot of effort to care for your lawn. Even if you only do the bare minimum and mow the grass when it starts to get long, you could be spending hours in the hot sun. Save yourself some effort and actually ENJOY your landscape. Let us do the heavy lifting, long hours of mowing, and planting so you can kick back and enjoy the view. Our goal is to create a paradise for you - and while part of that is in appearance, the other part is in knowing you don't have to do anything but admire it.

Save YOU Time!

Mowing isn't the only time-consuming aspect of your landscape. Mulching, trimming, planting, watering, fertilizing, and leaf blowing can all cost you HOURS of time. This is the time that you could be spending with your family enjoying your space. Use your summer afternoons and nights to make memories with your family. Play games in the backyard, watch the clouds drift by, jump in the pool, play fetch with the dog, and enjoy a night around the fire watching the stars. These are the memories you'll want to look back and remember. Not hours spent on the mower cutting the grass.

Landscape Maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks

Our team can complete a variety of tasks that include but aren't limited to weekly mowing, trimming, and blowing off all hard surfaces. We also offer other services like turf treatments, tree and shrub fertilization, pruning maintenance, leaf collection & disposal, mulching, power washing, and home check up services. Let our team take on the dirty work while you enjoy your paradise. Visit our website to learn more about the services that our Lake of the Ozark landscapers provide - and give us a call at 573-964-6515 to get on the list!

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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