5 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Lawn

Don't waste your entire summer fretting over your landscaping at the Lake of the Ozarks. Get your summer started right and let the professionals help make your lawn look beautiful all year round. This week, Paradise Landscaping has some helpful ideas to create a low-maintenance landscaping for a Lake of the Ozarks home.  

Check Out These 5 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas:

Extend Your Outdoor Living Space
By creating an outdoor living space and using stone as the patio, you eliminate the grassy space. This means less space to mow, and more time grilling and enjoying time with friends and family. In order to avoid the hassle of weed growth, make sure to properly plan your patio. Establish a solid base for the stone surface to sit on to avoid having to fix it later on, and prevent weeds from growing through.

Add Beds of Mulch Instead of Grass
You'll save yourself a lot of time by adding mulch around flower beds and tree bases. Mulch will make your landscaping look clean and crisp, and prevent you from having to mow or weed eat around those pesky areas. It's also great because mulch breaks down, fertilizes your plants, and prevents weeds from popping up.

Opt for Perennials
The best thing about perennials, is you plant them once, and they typically come back every year for years to come. Typically perennials are very durable and easy to maintain. They require less attention because their strong root systems actually help to improve the soil structure and draws water and nutrients up to the surface of the soil. Because of their deep root systems, they can actually benefit your garden by assisting in the health of surrounding plants. 

Skip the Mulch and Use Rock 
As an alternative to mulch, you can instead use rock or crushed stone to your flower beds. The biggest benefit to this alternative is that it lasts and you don't have to replace it every spring like you do with mulch. Since rock and stone come in a multitude of colors, like mulch, you can easily select a color that will match the aesthetic look of your home and landscaping. 

Pick Native Plants for Less Upkeep
By picking plants that are local and native to the area, you'll trim back on cost of watering and pruning due to the plant's resilience and natural ability to acclimate to it's surroundings. If you choose plants that are exotic to the area, they'll require special care and upkeep to maintain them properly. Keep this in mind when considering the type of grass in which you want to grow in your yard. If you choose a grass that is not native to the area, you may be throwing money at it all summer long to fertilize, water, and maintain it so it stays looking vibrant and healthy.

With these 5 low-maintenance landscaping ideas, you will be well on your way to enjoying your lawn this summer, rather than working to keep it looking its best. Another great, low-maintenance idea would be to hire the best landscape maintenance team at the Lake of the Ozarks. For all of your landscaping needs, contact Paradise Landscaping. We are professionals in horticulture and will make sure your landscaping matches your lifestyle. Contact us today to discuss landscaping ideas for a Lake of the Ozarks home!

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