Stop Maintaining Your Own Pool - Hire Paradise Landscaping!

On a hot summer day, there's nothing better than coming home from work and jumping in your pool to cool off and relax. If you have to take care of all of the maintenance yourself though, it's not that easy. You'll have to drag out the tools, chemicals, vacuum, and the whole process can take a lot of time and energy. By the time you've prepped the pool, you're too tired to swim. When you let our team take care of your pool maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks, the most time-consuming thing you'll have to do is change into your bathing suit! Here are a few ways our team will use their expertise to care for your pool.

Pool Service

Proper maintenance for your pool is a crucial part of keeping your pool looking and operating its best. We have a ten-point checklist to ensure the life or your investment, we don't want anything to go unnoticed! We also have a 24-hour emergency service available, if you notice anything extremely important.

Pool Maintenance

When you let us take care of your pool on a weekly basis, we keep everything operating in top condition for you. We will maintain the chemical balance in your pool - no more having to measure out chemicals, and test the pool water all of the time. We can also maintain saltwater pools at the Lake of the Ozarks. We'll inspect all of the equipment to make sure everything is working properly. We can also vacuum and clean the skimmers and pump strainers, as well as back wash the filters!

Pool Repairs

There are always repairs to be done on a pool. We can help with the vast array of things that can happen to your investment, and get it back up and running! We can replace the pumps, motors and filters. And if you think your pool is leaking, we can find the leak AND fix it! Is your pool needing a new Epoxy painting? Don't worry, we can help with that! We can even paint your pool deck. We are your one stop shop for keeping your pool running like new.

When you're looking for pool maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks, hire the best! We provide excellent service that will help keep your pool swim-ready and make your space beautiful. From pool maintenance, landscape design, and yard maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks, we can take care of all of your outdoor tasks. What sets us apart from our competitors is our team's personal interaction with home owners from the beginning stages to the full maintenance. We'll provide you with reliable, quality service that they can count on, and pride ourselves on the truest connections obtained through the services we can provide. Give us a call at 573-964-6515, we can create and maintain a backyard paradise just for YOU!

Let us create the perfect vacation getaway in your own backyard!

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