FAQ's about Landscape Design

Here at Paradise Landscape, Irrigation, & Pool Maintenance, we stand by the motto, "Maintaining your paradise is our business." We understand that a lot of thought and creativity goes into planning for your perfect home landscape. Throughout that process, you may stumble upon things that you don't fully understand yet because you've never had your landscape professionally designed. Our landscape design company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to answer a few frequently asked questions about landscape design.

FAQ's about Landscape Design

Q: Do I really need a detailed landscaping plan?

A: Having a detailed landscape plan can save you a lot of stress and anxiety down the road. Trying to wait until the last minute to get everything done may not be the best process in order to get your landscape looking like the oasis you’ve been hoping for and dreaming about.

Q: When the landscape design is created, is my input considered or is it fully done by you?

A:  Our landscape designer, Rick Harris says, “No landscape design (and therefore the planting of that design) is a custom landscape design without the input of the client”. We know that we can create a much better landscape design for our clients if we can talk to them and get their ideas of what they want.

Q: Other than a fence, what are some things that could be implemented to add more privacy to my backyard?

A: There are several things, other than a fence, that you can try adding to your backyard to gain more privacy. Here are a few examples:

Shrubs & trees
Tall hedges
Bamboo plants
A Waterfall

Q: Should I have a water feature in my landscape? If so, why?

A: There are many benefits to having a water feature in your landscape. It’s all about what you are hoping to enjoy from your new landscape makeover. Here are a few benefits that can come from having a water feature in your landscape:

The sound of running water can make for a natural, relaxing sensation and relieve stress.
Water features can raise the property value of your home.
A water feature can make your yard look larger in size due to its reflective properties.
Water features can block out unwanted neighbor noises.

Paradise Landscaping is Here to Answer Your Landscaping Questions

If you are trying to plan for your spring landscaping right now but are running into all sorts of questions throughout the process, give our professional landscape design company in Lake Ozark a call. Our designer, Rick Harris has 46 years of experience in the field of Horticulture, Retail Garden Center Management, and Landscape Design. We are happy to try and answer any questions you may have and help you plan your dream home paradise. We can be reached at 573-964-6515 or you may visit our website at www.DesignYourParadise.com for more information.

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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