4 Landscaping Myths – Debunked

Landscaping can be a form of art if done correctly. We here at the best landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks believe your home should feel like an oasis and we specialize in maintaining your paradise. While landscaping is a very widely known practice across the U.S., there can be many misconceptions about it. Paradise Landscaping is here to debunk a few commonly known myths about landscaping.

4 Landscaping Myths – Debunked

Myth # 1

You should remove your grass clippings after mowing.

This is not necessarily true. Grass clipping can be a form of fertilizer for your lawn. Clipping can be composed of mostly water and can contribute to breaking down your soil a little easier.

Myth # 2

Mow your grass shorter and you will have less work to do.

Many people may think that they will have less work to do if they mow their grass shorter in the warmer months, but this simply isn't the case. If you trim your grass too short, you could actually be causing more damage than good and you could be declining its growth.

Myth # 3

Water your grass every day.

Watering your lawn every day could be way too much water. Try just watering it once a week. If you water your lawn too much, you could be damaging it to where it actually needs more and more water to stay afloat.

Myth # 4

A residential landscape must have a lawn.

Not true. There are plenty of other choices and we'd be happy to go over them with you if you are looking for an alternative to grass in your home landscape. Here are a few alternatives to grass you may be interested in trying:

  • sod
  • gravel
  • mulch
  • moss
  • flower beds
  • lilyturf

For more examples, give us a call.

In Need of a Professional Landscape Company Who Can Take Your Home's Outdoor Setting to the Next Level?

Paradise Landscaping has you covered. Paradise Landscape, Irrigation, and Pool Maintenance is well known as the best landscape design company at Lake of the Ozarks ... and it's no accident! Rick Harris, our designer, has 46 years of experience in the field of Horticulture, Retail Garden Center Management, and Landscape Design. That's 46 years of learning and knowing what and how large plants will become. “No landscape design (and therefore the planting of that design) is a custom landscape design without the input of the client”. - Rick Harris, our designer. We take what our clients want seriously because your landscape won't truly have that Paradise feel unless your input is considered. To start planning your landscape spring masterpiece, call Paradise Landscaping at 573-964-6515 today.

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