It's National Garden Week! (First Full Week of June)

This week is National Garden Week, so it's an exciting time for the best landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks because we have laid down quite a few garden beds for our customers. It's always a joy to build home paradises for our customers and have a part in them enjoying themselves whether they live here seasonally or full time. In honor of National Garden Week, Paradise Landscaping is here to give you a few garden design tips.

Garden Design Tips

Tip #1
Watch the width of your pathways.
Keep in mind, if you are planning to start a huge garden this year, your pathways should be wide enough for 2 people to walk through side by side. If you're working this hard on your beautiful garden, you may want to show it off too. We suggest creating pathways throughout your garden that are no less than 5 feet wide for comfort.

Tip #2
Be strategic with the plants you choose, some create more comfort than others.
Tall shrubs can provide shade, evergreens can protect your garden from heavy winds, and tall ornamental grasses can provide privacy if planted and cared for correctly.

Tip #3
Keep “your view” in mind.
Plants grow to be tall, so don't plant them in a place where your beautiful view of the Lake may be blocked in the future.

Tip #4
Make sure your steps throughout your garden are secure.
There's nothing worse than taking a friend through a garden to show them the incredible progress it has made, and they trip over a poorly placed stone step. If you are unsure as to what to do to secure it, call Paradise Landscaping. We can help.

Tip #5
Give your flowers or vegetables plenty of room to grow.
You don't want your flowers and vegetables growing too close to each other. That can cause problems for you in the future, so keep that in mind when planting them.

Interested in Having the Professionals Design Your Garden?

Use our expertise to your advantage! Your garden should be an essential part of your oasis. We can take the stress of planning and implementing your garden design off your hands. We know that we can create a much better landscape design for our clients if we can talk to them and get their ideas of what they want.  We will work with you to produce your dream garden and landscape. So if you are interested in a landscape or garden design that fits your home and lifestyle, we can be reached at 573-964-6515. Visit our website for more information at

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!


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