Outdoor Lighting FAQs

LED Lighting at the Lake of the Ozarks is important to have around your landscape and water features. It can not only be beautiful, but it is also an important safety feature for your home or business. We are a Preferred Vendor of Kichler LED Lighting. From the latest intelligent LED options to traditional incandescent choices, Paradise offers Kichler's complete landscape collection and it delivers exactly what you need. If you are looking to illuminate your landscape in an incredible way, call Paradise Landscaping today at 573-964-6515. Keep reading for the answers to a few frequently asked questions regarding outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Lighting FAQs

Source: http://www.kichler.com/professional/landscape-lighting/landscape-troubleshooting-and-faqs.aspx

"Why use a contractor?

There are many elements to consider when purchasing a landscape lighting system. Design layout, voltage drop, safety, maintenance contracts – just to name a few. These are all important factors that can make a difference in your installation and the life of your system. Because of this, Kichler Landscape Lighting does recommend the use of a certified contractor. Remember, this is an investment in your home, and you want it done in the best, most professional manner possible.

What materials are your landscape lights made from?

The outdoor environment requires robust construction, so we use architectural-grade materials. Kichler uses marine-grade aluminum and premium copper-content brass and bronzed materials. Fasteners and hardware feature stainless steel durability. Transformer housings are made of steel with powder coat or stainless steel options. What about the finish? Will it last? Outdoor reliability requires outdoor coatings. Kichler uses baked thermal set powder coatings over both aluminum and brass fixtures. Kichler tests for UV, heat, salt and scoring. Natural brass is processed from premium-grade materials of copper, zinc and tin. Bronzed brass is chemically treated to appear in earth tone colors at installation, while our composite products are constructed of heavy-duty polymers that are resistant to moisture absorption, corrosion and the effects of ultaviolet (UV).

Will the finish change color?

Copper, brass and bronzed brass will patina over time (a natural verdigris aging process popular in the outdoors). Finishes for fixtures installed outdoors are subject to change due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, airborne pollutants and other forms of weathering."


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