Landscaping Tips for Before a Storm

If you have lived here at the Lake of the Ozarks for very long, then you are familiar with our weather and how we have seen our fair share of storms. There's nothing worse than having a large tree fall on your home and having to deal with the damages. The best landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to give you a few landscaping tips you can implement before a storm so you are better prepared. For help with your landscaping changes, call Paradise Landscaping today at 573-964-6515.

Landscaping Tips for Before a Storm

Secure your trees.
Smaller, young trees are more easily knocked over by strong winds. Even though your trees may already be staked to the ground, pound the stakes even more into the ground to further secure your tree to the ground.

Trim your branches near the power lines.
One of the main issues that can happen during a storm is losing powers. One of the causes of that can be branches falling down and destroying power lines. To try and prevent this from happening, have your branches trimmed ahead of time so they are too short to fall on to your power lines.

Be sure your fountains and other water features are unplugged. 
Forgetting to unplug your fountains or any other water features can result in them getting fried by lightning. Long before the storm hits, secure all electrical chords and unplug any and all water features.

Keep your gutters free of debris.
Your gutters being clogged during a heavy rainstorm can amount to even more problems. Get your gutters cleaned before the storm or hire a professional landscaping company in Camden County to do it for you.

Stay up to date on the weather. 
Check the forecast and know what is expected with the weather. You may consider installing a weather application on your phone. Typically you will get notifications as to when bad weather is expected to come. There are several options to choose from, such as KY3 or KSPR Weather for example. You can list your location, so the application knows where to target your weather forecasting.

Keep Your Landscaping Healthy with Paradise Landscaping

You never know when it may storm, especially here at the Lake of the Ozarks! Our landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to help your landscape be prepared. Paradise Landscaping is here for you! To get your landscape storm ready, give us a call today for your free quote. We can come out and look at your landscape and make our professional recommendations. Visit our website at or call 573-964-6515 for more information.

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