New Year, New Entryway!

We'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year from Paradise Landscaping! The New Year can bring new motivations in life, like the motivation to update your entryway at your home. You've decided enough is enough and you are tired of coming home every day and seeing this poor looking entryway that just needs a little TLC. Impress your guests with an entryway you can be proud of! The best landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to help. Keep reading to learn a few tips for updating the entryway into your home.

Make your entryway stand out with a NEW landscape!

  • You can add new details to your front door, but nothing will make your house look new like an updated landscape! 
  • We can create the perfect vacation getaway in your yard, and customize it just the way you want. 
  • Our designs can create a custom landscape at the Lake of the Ozarks and make your yard stand out! We work with you closely to ensure that your dreams can come to life in a realistic way.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
Your door can always use a little bit of accessorizing! Adding a house number to your door can be a fun update, with many styles, colors, and materials that you can choose from. If you live in town, where a mailbox on your door is necessary, you can update the style, or even repaint it to add some excitement. You can also consider adding new lighting to your front door. This can seem like an extravagant change, but it will be one you'll appreciate since it's getting dark earlier now. If you want to add lighting to your landscape, give us a call! We are experienced in all forms of landscape design at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we have some beautiful lights you can choose from for your yard.

Repaint your door a NEW more inviting color.
Updating the color of your door can improve the overall style of your home. Even if you repaint your door the same color, by adding a fresh coat you are giving your door new life. If you decide to try something new and choose a brand new color, you'll have many different colors to pick from! Some popular colors to consider when you repaint your door are red, green, black, blue or brown.

Make 2019 The Year You Get Your New Entryway with Paradise Landscaping!

As an experienced landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we know how to make your home landscape feel like a true paradise. In fact, this is our passion. We want you to feel at ease when you come home every night and see your beautiful landscape. If you are ready to update your landscape and entryway with the professionals, call Paradise Landscaping today at 573-964-6515.

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!


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