Choose the BEST for Your Pool Maintenance Needs this Summer!

If you own a pool at the Lake of the Ozarks, you probably know that all sorts of unforgettable memories can be made with your family and friends, splashing around and having fun in your pool.  While this can be true, pools also require maintenance and it is very important to know who to call when these issues come up.  A professional pool maintenance company at the Lake of the Ozarks can make all the difference.  Below are a few issues that can come up with your pool that may require maintenance.


Pool Filter Problems

Your pool filter is meant to filter out all sorts of things, such as sand, bugs, grass, and other debris.  If your filter is not working properly then your pool water may be poor quality.  Look into getting it repaired or possibly replaced.

Chlorine Level Imbalance 

Too much chlorine in your pool can cause irritation to your skin and eyes.  If the chlorine level is too low, then contaminants such as algae or bacteria may not be terminated like they should be.  A pool maintenance company in Lake Ozark can help you manage your pool’s chlorine levels.

Pool Pump Not Working

A working pool pump is essential to having a properly running pool.  A pool pump can clear debris and push the water into the filtration system and back out.  This helps keep the chemicals mixed.

Pool Deck Paint Chips

When you have guests over to enjoy your pool, you most likely are going to want to make a good impression and show off your beautiful pool – this includes the surrounding deck!  If your pool deck is run down and has paint that has chipped, making a good impression could be hard to do.  You also don't want guests stubbing their toes with paint chips, so keeping that maintained by having your pool deck paint touched up can really help.


Pool Services ~ 24 Hour Emergency Service

Proper maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your pool looking and operating at its best. We have a ten-point checklist to ensure the life of your investment.

Pool & Spa Weekly Maintenance
Maintain chemical balance / Salt or Chlorine levels
Inspect equipment to make sure everything is working properly
Vacuum & clean skimmers, pump strainers
Back wash filters

Winterizing & De-Winterizing Services
Offsite storage for winter covers

Find and fix leaks
Fix and replace pumps and motors and filters
Pool Epoxy Painting
Pool deck painting
Call for details


When you're looking for pool maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks, hire the best!  We provide excellent service that will help keep your pool swim-ready and make your space beautiful.  From pool maintenance, landscape design, and yard maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks, we can take care of all of your outdoor tasks.  We'll provide you with reliable, quality service that you can count on. Give us a call at 573-964-6515, we can create and maintain a backyard paradise just for YOU!

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