July is National Grilling Month – Host the Perfect Party on Your Patio!

It's summer 2019 and parties on the patio are "where it is at!"  Summer is the time for the best outdoor cooking, so it is no surprise that July is National Grilling Month – what a perfect time to host a party on your patio!   If you plan to have several people over to your house this summer, make sure your patio is up to par this year!  The best hardscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks can help.  Paradise Landscaping specializes in making your outdoor areas feel like a home paradise!  Keep reading for a few tips on how to BEAUTIFY your patio and throw an incredible patio party this summer from the best landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Clean Outdoor Areas

Make sure your concrete areas, patios and seating areas, walkways, and any other outdoor areas look fresh and clean by scheduling a power washing close to the day of your party.  Contact Paradise Landscaping for a professional power-washing job, done in time for the big event!

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Seating

Have you ever been to a patio party and you felt like you had to stand the whole time?  It's pretty uncomfortable, right?  Give your guests plenty of seating on the patio.  Whether you bring in easy folding chairs or buy more patio chairs - just be sure you have enough seating for everyone.  You can also look into wall seating, which can be a convenient patio feature.

Having a professional lay down pavers surrounding your existing patio can make for a more intricate design and can ADD MORE ROOM.  Our Lake Ozark landscape design company specializes in patio creation.  We can help you come up with the best patio design and then we can lay down the pavers and bricks and make a unique patio that fits what you want.  Think of grilling spaces, firepits, and patios with space for all the seating you will need.  All of these are what will create a great atmosphere in your Lake of the Ozarks landscape, and will add to your fantastic patio party!

Add Unique Outdoor Pieces

Add unique outdoor pieces that complement your patio made from old furniture or fun flea market finds.  You can get really creative here and use old pieces of furniture on your patio display.  For example, if you have any old step ladders laying around, you can turn those into plant holders that can be placed on your patio.  BONUS: This is also a great opportunity to add more seating in a fun and creative fashion.

Complement your Patio with the RIGHT Lighting

Set the mood and make for a safer evening patio party by purchasing patio lights. You can use string lights or a more permanent lighting solution.  Lighting around your landscape, patio, and water features is not only beautiful, but it's an important safety feature, as well.

From the latest intelligent LED options to traditional incandescent choices, Paradise offers Kichler's complete landscape collection and it delivers exactly what you need.

We offer the Design Pro LED series of fixtures for virtually every outdoor application, including:

  • Decorative path and spread
  • Low profile hardscape
  • Water feature
  • Deck & patio
  • Accent lighting

Kichler offers a 15 years or 40,000 hours warranty, whichever comes first!

Contact Paradise Landscape, Irrigation, and Maintenance for your outdoor landscape lighting needs at Lake of the Ozarks.

Plant Beautiful Flowers Around Your Patio

Nothing beautifies an outdoor space more than colorful flowers that complement your setting.  Plant them in pots and place the pots on your patio columns or highlight your space by planting flowers in the ground near your patio.  The sky is the limit when it comes to beautifying your patio and it's all about what suits you and your family's lifestyle the best.  Adding color to your patio area with flowers will make your patio party stand out from all the rest!

Add a Water Feature to your Patio

Have you ever been to someone else's patio and admired their beautiful water feature on their patio?  Did you think, "there's no way I'd ever have time to install something like that on my patio"?  We can help you make that dream a reality.  Waterfalls or fountains look amazing on patios and can really add to the relaxing feel you want at your next patio party.


While homeowners love to have a space to entertain, they are loving the availability of a lake view.  Thankfully, when you are looking for a home at the Lake of the Ozarks, you can snag a home with a view.  Even if it's not a waterfront view, a view, in general, will really make a great impression on your landscape living area.


In order to throw the best patio party, you have to have a great patio, right?  Impress your guests with a freshly polished, pristine looking patio.  If you are in need of a company to either make improvements to your existing patio or lay down a new one, call Paradise Landscaping at 573-964-6515.  We specialize in hardscaping projects including patios.

We believe that we can create a much better landscape or hardscape design for our clients if we can talk to them and get their ideas of what they want.  Our staff members will work with you to fully understand what you are wanting out of patio makeover.  Then, we will create your dream oasis of an outdoor space.  So, if you are interested in a landscape or hardscape design that fits your home and lifestyle, call Paradise Landscape Irrigation & Pool Maintenance today.

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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