Protect Your Paradise This 4th of July

You've worked all summer to keep your lawn looking beautiful, and then the Fourth of July comes around. Between you and the kids, there are burns marks and colorful smoke rings from the smoke bombs all around the yard and sidewalks. If every year you end up wishing you would have taken more preventative measures, then this is the year to start!

At Paradise Landscaping, we want to help you take care of your lawn all year long, even when the fireworks start popping. Here are a few tips to help keep your yard damage-free this year for Fourth of July.


When you're lighting your own fireworks, it's important to make sure that you pick a safe location in your yard. You want to keep ground-based fireworks about 30 feet away from everything, and aerial products should be at least 100 feet away. You don't want to light fireworks in any area that is covered in tall dry grass that could be flammable, and you don't want to put them in a space where sparks could fly and hit something like a house, shed, animals, propane tanks, or electricity.


Always light fireworks on a hard, flat, and level surface to ensure the stability of the items. One of the best ways to protect your landscape is by putting down a large flat board to light the fireworks from. This will make it less likely that the shooting sparks will land in your yard, creating a dark, burnt spot where you were lighting them. The same applies if you'll be lighting fireworks on a sidewalk. You can protect your area from unsightly marks by putting a large piece of wood down. Make sure that what you use does not have flammable fibers sticking off of it.


Always keep a bucket of water nearby when you are lighting fireworks. This is for two purposes: one, you can put out fires quickly if something gets out of hand, but you can also dunk fireworks into the water when they are done to make sure that any flames are completely out.


There's something about fireworks that leaves so many kids in awe. The glowing sky just fills them with wonder, but it also makes the curious and excited to get out there and try it themselves. Always keep the audience (and particularly children!) a safe distance away from the shooting site. There are plenty of fireworks that are safe for children, but they should be handled appropriately for safety's sake. Make sure children are always supervised, and store fireworks in a place that kids can't get to on their own. Teach them about fire safety and making sure that flames are completely out before discarding leftover fireworks.


The morning after the Fourth of July can lack its luster when you realize that you need to clean up all the papers and exploded pieces from your fireworks the night before. Make sure that nothing has a chance of rekindling before placing it in a trash bag. If you have larger fireworks, you can place them in a bucket of water overnight to make sure they are completely snuffed out. The same can apply for those dud fireworks. After you've given them ample time to go off, and they haven't, place them in the bucket of water just to be sure that nothing will re-kindle accidentally and go off when least expected.


At Paradise Landscaping, we help families with their Lake of the Ozarks’ landscapes. From small to large, every job is perfect for us. We can help you redesign your landscape, and then help you maintain it and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. If you're ready to design your paradise, give the best landscape company at the Lake of the Ozarks a call!

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