How To Protect Your Greenery From Frost

Do you ever hear homeowners saying, "I just LOVE the frost"? This Lake of the Ozarks landscaping company is thinking probably not. Frost can damage all of your beautiful greenery if you don't take the proper steps to take care of it. The best landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks is here to give you three tips for protecting your greenery from the frost this winter. For help keeping your landscape healthy, call Paradise Landscaping today at 573-964-6515 for your free quote.

3 Tips on How To Protect Your Greenery From Frost

1. Drape blankets over your plants.

  • The most popular way to guard against frost is by covering your plants. 
  • Most anything will work, such as old blankets, sheets, and even burlap sacks. 
  • Drape the plants loosely and secure with stakes, rocks or bricks. 
  • Lighter materials can just be draped over the plant, though heavier covers may need propping up with a stake. 
  • Make sure to remove the cover when the sun comes out though, to keep your plants from suffocating.

2. Use straw or other effective materials to mulch your plants.
Mulch helps to trap the moisture around the plant, as well as protecting against cold weather. Some prefer mulching over cover their plants, and both are fine. Popular mulching materials are straw, pine needles, bark, and loosely piled leaves.

3. Water your plants BEFORE the frost is expected to come.
Another way to protect your plants from the colder weather is by watering them a day or two before the frost is expected. Wet soils hold more heat than dry soil. Be sure not to saturate the plants while the temps are too low, it will result in frost heave, and can injure the plants.

Paradise Landscaping is Here For YOUR Landscape's Health!

All of us here at Paradise Landscape, Irrigation, & Pool Maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks hope you enjoyed this blog and found these tips enlightening and helpful when trying to protect your greenery from the frost this winter. We stand by our motto, “Maintaining your Paradise is our Business.” We help you create your dream oasis at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks and specialize in everything from retaining walls, water features, trees and shrubs, sod, among other features and oversee the design and full maintenance. We also can help you with weekly mowing, trimming, and blowing off all hard surfaces and we offer a variety of services including turf treatments, tree & shrub fertilization, pruning maintenance, leaf collection & disposal, mulching, power washing, and home check up services. Clearly, these services are needed at different times throughout the year. Paradise Landscaping is OPEN YEAR ROUND. Bill Mackay, Owner of Paradise Landscaping says:
"We strive to give our customers the highest quality and best service at the Lake, we take pride in taking care of our customer’s important investment so they can visit the lake without stress and just enjoy what the Ozarks has to offer." For your free landscaping quote, call us today at the number listed below.

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