5 Interesting Landscaping Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Space More Private

Everyone needs privacy or enjoys at some point, right? Here at the best landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks, we understand. This is why we have 5 interesting landscaping ideas to make your outdoor space more private in this week's blog. If you have any questions about these ideas or one of them have inspired you to make some landscaping changes, please call our local landscaping company in Lake Ozark. Paradise Landscaping can be reached at 573-964-6515.

5 Interesting Landscaping Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Space More Private

1. Install a nicely sized hedge wall tall enough to allow for a private space.
If you don't need to keep anything in your yard (ie: dogs or children) a hedge wall can be a sophisticated way to secure privacy.

  • We can not only help you install these hedges but then we can help you keep them maintained as well. 
  • These hedges will need to be trimmed on a regular basis to keep them in their correct shape and we'd love to help.

2. Add hanging pots to your porch with vines that hang long enough to give you that private feel you've been searching for.
You can add privacy to your porch by hanging pots with vines on one end. This could make a perfect cozy nook to sit and drink your morning coffee or enjoy the delightful evening breeze. Kick back and enjoy the space, while also having greenery creating that wall that you need for privacy.

3. Nothing says privacy like a good perimeter fence!
There are many fencing options, from metal, wood, vinyl, chain link, etc.

  • The style you choose will depend on your budget and the look you want to achieve in your landscaping, as well as the purpose. 
  • If it's just for privacy, you can opt for a lower cost fence, but if you want to keep a pet in, you might have to have it installed in a specific way so they won't dig under the fence.

4. Beautiful outdoor curtains can be a very nice touch.
Hang curtains from your porch to add a touch of elegance while still helping to maintain the privacy. These curtains will blow in the wind, though, so you may want to find a way to secure them at the bottom before they knock the glasses off your picnic table.

5. Grow your herb garden on a wall!
You can put posts up in your yard with bars between them, and then hang potted plants from them! This is a beautiful way to separate your area from the others, especially if you only have a small patio/yard area. You can also use these pots to grow herbs, flowers, and other pot plants.

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