5 Landscaping Mistakes that Ruin Curb Appeal

Landscaping makes a huge difference in your curb appeal, and it's not something to sweep under the rug. Whether you're selling your home, or you want to make sure that it looks appealing for you, there are many reasons to improve the look of your yard. Here are a few things to keep in mind as spring comes and the plants will start blooming and blossoming, and how Paradise Landscaping can help!

Don't Plant Without a Plan

At Paradise Landscaping, we create a custom designed landscape for you, based on your yard and your personal desires. Planting without a plan can cause catastrophes, so we avoid those by being prepared and researching exactly what plant would do well in your Lake of the Ozarks landscape. If you would like to hear our vision for your yard, give us a call today!

Don't Plant Too Close

Rick Harris, our head designer has been in the landscaping field for over 40 years, and he uses this experience to make sure that every plant in your yard has the space to grow as large as it can in it's lifetime.While plants look very attractive when planted in groupings, if you plant them too close together you can inhibit their ability to grow to their full potential, which will make your landscape look crowded.

Upkeep Nightmare

One of the biggest ways to scare off a potential buyer for your home is by having a landscape that looks like it requires a lot of upkeep. If you are a gardener, and you have spent years nurturing your plants, you may love the upkeep, but a potential buyer could be scared off by it. Paradise Landscaping offers you a look that will be beautiful yet simple. If you don't want to maintain it yourself, we offer landscape maintenance!

Too Much of One Style

While you may really love one particular plant or flower, avoid the temptation to plant just that one item in your landscape. Diversity is one of the best ways to increase your curb appeal. We offer many different plants, bushes and trees to help keep your yard beautiful, but avoid too much of the same thing. Plus, if you plant too much of one thing, your yard will look fabulous during one time of the year, and then boring for the rest. We will incorporate many different blooms into your landscape so that your yard will be colorful as long as possible.

Weeds Gone Wild

Weeds can wreck the look of your entire landscape, and they also compete with the expensive, beautiful blooms that you had planted. It's important to keep these pests at bay for a pristine landscape. We can spread a pre-emergent before the weeds would germinate to help keep them at bay. 

Hire The Best Landscape Company at the Lake of the Ozarks

We have established ourselves as the best landscapers at the Lake of the Ozarks. We work one-on-one with you to create a landscape that feels just paradise. From the type of grass that we spread to the stones we use for your water feature, we keep you as involved as you'd like to be to make sure that your landscape is perfect. Give us a call at 573-964-6515 today to find out how you can get started on your dream landscape!

Let us create the perfect vacation getaway in your own backyard!

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