What Can Large Amounts of Rain Do to My Lawn?

As you probably already know, the Lake area received a lot of rain over the weekend. In some part of the county, you could have received anywhere from one and a half inches all the way up to six inches! While this may have postponed some of your holiday plans, it could have done much more that you didn't even think about. While your lawn loves to get a good shower, sometimes too much rain can cause issues in your landscaping that you may not have even thought about. At Paradise Landscaping, we take just as much pride in your beautiful lawn as you do, and that's why we want to help you take care of it in rain or shine. Here are a few things you can notice from too much rain in your landscape, and how we can help!

Landscape Issues That Can Arise From Too Much Water

As they commonly say, too much of a good thing isn't really a good thing anymore - and the same applies for rain. When water sits in your landscape for too long due to either over watering or too much rain, you may notice some adverse effects from it.

Surface Damage

This may be the most obvious of the issues, but when your landscape is highly saturated it is more prone to damage. If you try to drive across it, drag objects like trashcans, or even just walk across it, the damage could be permanent. It's best to stay off your lawn until the water can a chance to drain and dry.

Drowned Grass

Grass needs oxygen to grown, and too much water will inhibit that and actually cause your grass to drown.

Fungus & Disease

Not only can your grass drown from too much water, but it can cause the roots to rot and begin a disease process. If you notice yellow patches in your yard, this is the start of a disease that's taking over, once it fully sets in, one of the only things you can do is reseed the patches in the fall.

More Weeds

While the excessive rain may cause your grass to die, it can actually cause the weeds to grow more - meaning your landscape could become overrun.

Lack of Nutrients

Finally, too much water can wash away the nutrients that your lawn needs to survive. Before they even have a chance to work their way into the root system, they get washed away, and your lawn will suffer the consequences.

What Can You Do To Help?

While controlling the rain is not feasible, you can operate a healthy landscape by helping it through these periods of extreme rain, and then in a draught.

Improve Drainage

If your lawn in constantly experiencing too much water even from small amounts of rain, you may need to improve the drainage. At Paradise Landscaping, we can help you achieve this through a little renovating of your Lake of the Ozarks landscape. We can help you create areas for the water to go, and then help you reseed the lawn again later if necessary.

Be Aware of the Water

Always be aware of how much water is going into your lawn. If you have an irrigation system, make sure that it is only set to operate when you need rain. There are some neat technologies out there that can sense when it's raining and not operate. If you want to improve your landscape irrigation at the Lake of the Ozarks, we'd love to help!

Landscaping Maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks

From times of heavy rain to times of no rain at all, Paradise Landscaping is here to help you! If you want to keep your landscape from becoming a swimming pool, we would love to provide an estimate on how you can improve that. Of course, if you actually have a swimming pool and want to get that running in pristine condition, we provide amazing pool maintenance services at the Lake of the Ozarks too! Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you.

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