Keep Your Landscape PRETTY and Avoid Making These Mistakes!

Landscaping, if done properly, can be like a work of art, when you are finished. You should be able to come home every night and walk out into your backyard and just relax and feel at peace, knowing you have a beautiful landscape. The best landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks would like to help you with you. To have a beautiful landscape there are just some things that you should not do. Our Lake Ozark landscaping company is here to give a few mistakes to avoid in order to keep your landscape pretty! If you are needing some landscaping work done and would like a professional company with years of experience to take care of it for you, please call Paradise Landscaping today for your free quote at 573-964-6515.


A lot of homeowners make the mistake of overwatering. Most lawns only need about an inch of water per week. You can avoid over-watering by installing a sprinkler system and put it on a timer to avoid water waste. Another option is to install an irrigation system to ensure a controlled amount of water is supplied to your plants at regular intervals.

Cutting the grass short seems like a logical idea, but in fact, you're dooming your landscaping by doing so. Cutting the grass too short could result in bare patches in your yard and may invite pesky insects that could damage your lawn. The grass in your lawn should be cut at different lengths depending upon the time of year. For instance, your grass should be cut longer in the summer to avoid your lawn from drying out, and shorter in the winter to let sunlight into the soil.

While they're so cute on the shelves and you just can't help but buy them, having too many lawn ornaments can quickly become an eyesore. And if you're not careful, soon your adorable collection can quickly overrun your lawn and become a chaotic disaster that is more distracting than whimsical. Stick with simplicity and try to only incorporate ornaments that enhance the surrounding landscaping, rather than hindering it.

Keep Your Landscape PRETTY with Paradise Landscaping!

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