How To Winterize Your Pool Properly

Fall is right around the corner and the kids will be going back to school soon. You may have already thought about what you will do when it comes time to take down your pool. Our pool maintenance experts at the Lake of the Ozarks want you to know how to do this properly so you can avoid any potential major issues. Keep reading this week's blog for a few tips on how to winterize your pool properly. If you need any pool maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks, call Paradise Landscaping for the best service in town. We can be reached at 573-964-6515.

How To Winterize Your Pool Properly

Make sure your water level is at a lower level BEFORE you choose to winterize it fully.
You will need to lower the water level in your pool to properly winterize your pool. Often, people make the mistake of emptying their pool completely. You still need to keep some water in your pool to avoid cracks and damage to your pool. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that the water level is below the pools return outlets.

Remove any debris from the water and make sure its clean.
It is important to clean your pool after summer is over. You should brush and vacuum the pool and don't forget to give the water line a good scrub.

Make sure any maintenance issues you put off to the last minute are taken care of before you winterize it.
If you experienced any problems with your pool throughout the season, it is important to clear these up before you winterize it. Problems you should address include: cloudy water, algae growth, or chlorine issues.

Make sure your water is prepared for freezing.
Just as you have been testing your pool water all summer for proper swimming conditions, you should test your water before winterizing too. However, this is different from testing for swimming conditions. Your water needs to be prepared for freezing, not swimming.

If you want your pool maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks done right, then call the best! Paradise Landscaping has the experience and the right team to handle these important tasks. Your pool was likely a pretty expensive investment, so only allow the best people to work on it for you. That's where we come in! Paradise Landscaping can be reached at the number listed below. You can also follow us on our social media channels listed below to stay up to date on our latest announcements.

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