Monday, January 30, 2017

Fast-Growing Shade Trees For Your Paradise

There's nothing better than kicking back under a beautiful shade tree in the middle of summer. Of course, with many new construction projects, you'll find that there aren't many trees around homes - and many trees take years and years in order to get large enough to enjoy. Paradise Landscaping is here to save the day! There are many shade trees that are fast growing and can be enjoyed in no time! Here are a few fast-growing shade trees that can be planted in your perfect paradise.

Willow Tree

Hybrid Poplar

This tree is not only a beautiful shade tree, but it's also fast growing! They claim a vertical growth of 5-8' per year! They work great in many hardiness zones (3-9 to be specific). They are also a cottonless tree, meaning they don't have seeds that go floating around throughout the year.

Red Oak

This tree is also known as a pin oak or Nutall oak. It is also the fastest growing oak tree! It provides beautiful, vibrant colors for your yard - along with lots of acorns.

Red Maple

If you want a tree that turns gorgeous colors in the fall, along with great shade in the summer, the red maple could be a great choice. It grows around 3 to 5 feet a year depending on the climate and care.

Nothern Catalpa

The northern catalpa is known for being a wonderful shade tree, as well as being popular because of its beautiful large flowers. When they are in bloom, they contribute both sight and scent to your perfect paradise. They do also attract bees, though, so that's something you should take into consideration.

American Sycamore

Many trees prefer to grow in open rural areas, but the American sycamore grows well in urban areas. It can grow up to six feet a year and can sometimes reach up to 70 feet in its lifetime!

Paper Birch Tree

If you want to add some nice texture and color to your yard, this tree has it. It also provides much needs shade - AND, if you wanted to tap it for molasses, that's a possibility, too. Though, you'll need several trees to make it worthwhile.

Weeping Willow

This iconic tree is as romantic as it is shady. The willow tree can grow between three and eight feet per years and normally likes to be beside the water. Of course, there are hybrids that can grow in other places, so don't worry - we can make it work in your Lake of the Ozarks landscape.

"Green Vase" Zelkova

While you may never have heard of this tree with the strange name, it's absolutely beautiful. The foliage also turns many shades of maroon in the fall as well. It prefers full sun and can be very durable, and survive in many types of soil.

Tulip Tree

This tree comes in many beautiful colors. It does great in deep and moist soil, and if taken care of will grow fast and strong.

Dawn Redwood

Do you want a tree that is SO tall is can often provide shade for second story windows? Then this tree is perfect. Besides being extremely tall, and a fast grower, this tree is also famous for its color.

Tulip Tree

Creating YOUR Perfect Paradise

If your landscape is an extension of your home, it should reflect the things that are important to you. If spending time outside is one of them - having shade trees to relax under is key. Not to mention your kids can climb them, play in them, and you can put a swing from the branches and create many memories. At Paradise Landscaping, we know how important is it to have a landscape that reflects things that are important to you - so we create custom landscapes at the Lake of the Ozarks. Not to mention - when fall comes around you have a lot more leaves to rake up, we also provide the best lawn maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks! Visit our website to learn more about our services.

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Landscaping & Selling Your Home

Are you selling your home? There's probably a lot going on, from packing and relocating to making sure your home is ready to sell. Have you spent a lot of time updating the look of your home to make sure it's ready for the market? This can be a great way to get your home off the market fast, but have you ever looked at your landscape with the same critical eye? Here are a few reasons it's important to think about your landscape when you're selling your home, and how Paradise Landscaping can help!

First Impressions

Curb appeal is one of the most important details when selling your home because it's the first thing a buyer will see. Not to mention, a lawn that is lacking in its paradise appearance can send a signal to the potential buyer that they will need to do a lot of work to the landscape. By hiring Paradise Landscaping to improve your Lake of the Ozarks landscape, you can show your potential buyers that the home is ready to move in and beautiful from the start.

3 Reasons to Have Landscape Maintenance

Even if you didn't need landscape maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks while you were living in the home, you may really appreciate it when you are moving out. Here are three reasons you may want to hire us for landscape maintenance when selling your home.

1. You've Already Moved

Have you already moved away from your home? If you're not living there while trying to sell your home, it can be extremely valuable to have someone come out and not only check on your property, but also make sure it's still maintained. From mowing the grass, clearing branches that have fallen, or just clearing the sidewalks, we can help.

2. You Are Swamped

When you're preparing to sell your home, there are so many details to pay attention of, and it could be easy for something to get tossed by the wayside. Don't let your landscape become one of those things. Our team can come in and do the tasks you don't have time for, like power washing the sidewalks and trimming bushes.

3. You Don't Have the Tools

There are a lot of tools involved in caring for your landscape properly. From mowers to edgers, and leaf blowers to power washers. If you don't have the necessary tools, not only is it time-consuming to go find them and then do the job yourself, but it's expensive as well. Allow our team to come take care of weekly tasks and keep your home looking great.

For Real Estate Agents and Homeowners Alike

Whether you're a real estate agent at the Lake looking for a good landscaping company at the Lake of the Ozarks to work with, or you're a homeowner looking to have improvements made - we want to work with you. Visit our website to learn more about our landscaping business at the Lake of the Ozarks, and how we can help make your backyard a perfect paradise.

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Benefit To A Custom Landscape

At Paradise Landscaping, we don't just give you a cookie cutter space that will look and feel just like your neighbor's yard down the road. We use a special combination of your dreams and desires and our experience to create a space that is as unique as you and your home are. Our custom landscapes at the Lake of the Ozarks are as beautiful as they are functional. Here are just a few reasons you can benefit from a custom landscape.

It Has Your Personality

Your landscape is an extension of your home. While you take great care to place artwork on your walls, choose your flooring types, and create a welcoming space - your yard wants the same care. Because of that, our landscaping team at the Lake of the Ozarks works with you to make sure your landscape has your stamp of approval. Don't settle for a landscape that doesn't look the way you want, or gives the right feel.

What sets Paradise apart from competitors is the team's personal interaction with homeowners from the beginning stages to the full maintenance. Paradise provides homeowners with reliable, quality service that they can count on, and prides itself of the trust and connections obtained through the services provided.

Custom Landscapes Work With Custom Situations

We realize that no two landscapes are the same. While one yard may be hilly with a lot of sunshine, another yard may be flat with lots of trees and shade. Some landscapes may have irrigation issues because when it rains, water comes pooling into the yard, while other landscapes may be dry and barren because the water runs far away from the space. Custom landscapes give us the freedom to work within the unique boundaries of your landscape.

They Function The Way YOU Want

A landscape isn't meant to just look different, but also feel, and work differently. If you love to spend time outside, relaxing with a good book, while listening to the sounds of nature - we may want to incorporate a water garden into your space with plenty of beautiful gardens for you to admire. If you and your family love to play outdoors with your pets, we can create open spaces in your landscaping for running and playing - while also making sure the plants are pet and kid friendly. If you entertain outdoors, we can make your landscape an extension of your hospitality and build a beautiful patio, fire pit, and grilling station. The possibilities are endless and unique as you are.

About Our Designer

Rick Harris, our designer, has 46 years of experience in the field of Horticulture, Retail Garden Center Management, and Landscape Design. That's 46 years of learning and knowing what and how large plants will become.

All of this experience assists Rick in developing hand drawn landscapes in full color ... these are the ultimate landscape designs. While he has kept up with the times, learning landscape design on computers and visual software, he still believes that the time-tested custom hand drawn designs are the best. His hand drawn designs show a personality and feel that the computerized designs do not.

As Rick says, “no landscape design (and therefore the planting of that design) is a custom landscape design without the input of the client”. We know that we can create a much better landscape design for our clients if we can talk to them and get their ideas of what they want. So if you are interested in a landscape design that fits your home and lifestyle – call Rick for an appointment.

Create a Perfect Paradise

Paradise has evolved over the past five years, working hard to assemble the best management staff to design the perfect paradise. The business specializes in everything from retaining walls, water features, trees and shrubs, sod, among other features, and oversees the design and full maintenance.

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Incorporating Rocks Into Your Landscape

There's something beautiful about the warm colors of stone combined with the strength that it can provide in your landscape. There are many ways to incorporate stone into your backyard paradise from aesthetically appealing views or strategically placed structure. Here are a few ways we love to see your landscape enhanced by stone here at Paradise Landscaping.

Replace Mulch

Replacing mulch is not only a pretty way to enhance your landscape, but it is also a great way to save money. While it may cost more upfront to put rock in your landscape, it is something you won't have to do again. Mulch generally has to be replaced every single year, whereas rock will last as long as your landscape!

Plant a Rock Garden

Start by choosing a few large statement rocks or boulders that you love the look of. Then surround them with smaller pebbles and rocks that match or contrast in color. You can enhance this space by having special plants or vines around the area to grow around the rocks. This can be a fun space to add to your landscape, and also gives you a great way to incorporate rocks into your Lake of the Ozarks landscape.

Create a Centerpiece

Do you want to make a dramatic statement in your paradise? A large boulder or rock can be just what you're looking for. Every garden space needs something to draw attention to it and give it a purpose. By adding a large rock you are creating a focal point, and you can design the space around this focal point.

Build a Pond Border

A beautiful way to enhance your landscaping is to add a water feature. Water gardens, ponds, and fountains all create a relaxing environment and beautiful views. Of course, every water feature needs a finishing touch, and rocks create the perfect border for your water feature. When we design a water garden, we like to put rocks around it, not just to make it look beautiful, but to also cover up the unattractive plastic that is used for the garden.

Create a Low-Maintenance Container Garden

Do you want to create a space in your landscape where you can escape and enjoy the space you miss so much? A rock garden is a great way to incorporate plants, while still achieving an easy to maintain the area. You can use rocks instead of grass and plant large blooms in pots. This will create a space you can relax in, while not having to do as much maintenance. The sky is also the limit with creativity because there are so many different types of stones and rocks to use.

Make a Stepping Stone Path

Stepping stones are a great way to either guide you to a certain area of your landscape or also take advantage of a space that is too shady to grow anything. You can also use them to keep shoes clean while walking up to a back or side door of your home. You can surround the large stones with smaller pebbles for a clean and contrasting look.

Creating Your Dream Landscape at the Lake of the Ozarks

2017 is your year to create a space that you can enjoy throughout the year, and Paradise Landscaping is ready to help you. Our team creates the best landscape designs at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we're ready to start with yours. We can also maintain that landscape with our landscape maintenance services at the Lake of the Ozarks. Visit our website or give us a call to learn how we can help you incorporate beauty and practicality into your landscape!

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

The Security Advantages of Proper Landscaping

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, making sure your home is secure is not only a good idea for your home, but for your family as well. A Paradise Landscaping, we understand this, and that's why we can help you achieve not only a beautiful landscape at the Lake of the Ozarks but one that adds security as well. If you didn't know you could use landscaping to add to the security of your home - here are a few ways!


An ideal home for burglars is one that is easy for them to get in and out of quickly and easily. While many robberies happen during the day, it's still a good idea to have landscape lighting to help deter them. Not to mention, landscaping lighting can also add a nice ambiance when you want to sit back and enjoy your landscape. We can install lights along pathways, around your home entrance, and even use it to light up your trees - causing an overall lighting effect that keeps your landscape from being dark.


Bushes can help, or they can hinder - and in many cases, they hinder your home security options when not taken care of. If you have shrubs or bushes next to your home that aren't pruned, it makes for a perfect place to hide. Take some time on a regular basis to get out there and keep the shrubs maintained. If you don't have time to do this, Paradise Landscaping offers landscape maintenance at the Lake of the Ozarks, and we would be glad to come out and keep your bushes trimmed.

You also want to remember when designing your Lake of the Ozarks landscape that your home should be easily visible from the road. When you hide your home from the road with big trees and bushes, you are providing a safe place for intruders to remain unseen. Keep bushes no higher than two feet to remove the hiding places.

Well Placed Gravel

While many homeowners place gravel next to their home because of potential gutter overflow and drainage, it can also be a security benefit as well. You can hear when gravel is being stepped on, so you'll have a heads up if someone is around your home when they shouldn't be.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Here at Paradise Landscaping, we realize how important your home is to you - that's why we would like to help. From keeping your landscaping clean and open to lighting it up at night, and even doing home check ups when you aren't around. Visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve all of your landscaping goals.

Let us create the perfect PARADISE in your own backyard!

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